How do you pronounce ERW, ERL and ERtool?

We pronounce it with a typical Roma accent, as if ER stood for "the" (as it happens in Roma dialect). Moreover, the W in ERW and the L in ERL are usually fully expanded.

Here are examples, from the mouth of Flavio Chierichetti, that show how to pronounce ERW, ERL and ERtool.

Am I bound to the choice of a particular DBMS if I want to use ERW?

No, ERW uses the PEAR database abstraction layer, so, in principle, it should work with any DBMS supported by the layer. There can be some problems in areas where standardization is lacking, but they can usually be sorted out.

What about localisation?

ERW uses gettext, the GNU localisation package. You can fix the locale, or have it fetched from the browser preferences. All strings used in the user interface can be translated, or customised.

Which platforms does ERW run on?

ERW is made of a PHP run-time environment, some HTML/ECMAScript code running in browsers, and a Java™ tool that generates configuration files, SQL code and documentation. In principle, the Java™ tool does not have to run on the same machine running the run-time environment.

In essence, if you can run PHP and a SQL database you can use ERW.